Sept, 2008.  Team OPS Marine wins 1,100 mile Venezuela Rally w/ Billet Marine Water Cooled, Top Caps!!!


Team Billet Marine,
We tested and used the Bravo Billet Top Cap in the largest race on water in the world, The Venezuela Rally 1.100 miles in 6 days. We used 4 Bravos Xrs drives and replace the original caps by the New Billet Marine Caps. That helped the drives to support the 700 Horses produced by ours engines. Also one of my spare Bravos Xrs drive was sold to a customer that broked his drive at the first 200 miles. Changing the drive to my customer we recomended and instaled a Old Billet Marine Cap that I buy from you in 2005, three years later after 3 more races(we use it 2005, 2006, 2007, that mean 3.300 miles), and manys set up for test speed and trials the Old Billet Top Cap completed the others 900 miles and my customer could take third place in his categori. This boat was a 26feet with a single 509c.i. Naturally Aspirated engine with 600 horses.
Our experience on this race has obligued us to use only good quality products in order to support this endurance race.
Thanks for all your support to our needs, without The Billet Top Caps we would not be able to finish the race. (Based on the results from the others Team using the standars Bravo Top Cap)
Thanks Billet Marine,
Thanks Curtis,
Oscar Parra
Throttleman-Ops Custom Marine Race Team


The Wood Family...

Curtis and family, practicing what they preach in their Carrera 257 Party FX at Lake Powel.

UPDATE:  Pro-charged, aluminum head, 509 now installed with Billet ZX drive and -2" lower.  Can you say 100MPH station wagon?  Full, twin external steering also added for safety!  This boat is better than new and currently for sale... SOLD!

BILLET MARINE  July, 2008 -  60th ANNUAL CATALINA SKI RACE  1st Place!

Dave Talley's 38' Fountain pulls Australia's Lee Hicks to a 1st place finish in record time.  Taking the overall win for the Women's Senior class, Talley/Lee averaged 72MPH for a total round trip time of 1 hour, 15 minutes, 38 seconds.  Talley's Fountain ran flawlessly with a pair of 540 cubic inch, all aluminum Billet Marine 600HP EFI engines.  The light weight and broad torque curves proved to be a lethal combination with Lee's athletic abilities.  Dozens of boats were unable to complete the entire event due to mechanical failures.  Billet Marine = Reliable Offshore Performance!

Talley and crew race past the Queen Mary!


Two Billet Marine HP600EFI's  612 HP @ 5200RPM, 677 TORQUE @ 3880RPM!!

540 cubic inches, Merlin aluminum blocks, Canfield aluminum heads, HP500 style injection w/ 60lb. injectors, hydraulic roller cams and all of the best internals.  These engines are capable of over 1,000HP w/ Whipples!


2007/08  BILLET MARINE'S BLOWN 572 TALL DECK.  1040HP @ 5900 RPM @ 8lbs BOOST!   91 OCTANE.

LOOK SOON for updates on recent 2007-2008 projects and races!

Click on thumbnails for larger image

ntc33.jpg (28841 bytes)

572s_nelson.JPG (50699 bytes)

Whitebike2.JPG (64415 bytes)

Mike Nelson's 33 Daytona - sports blown 572s and #6 dry sump drives.  This boat runs almost every product that Billet Marine manufactures/sells. (twin cartridge oil filters, oil thermostat, stainless fuel rails, valve spring oilers, Gaffrig alarm instruments, etc.)                            THIS BOAT IS FAST!                   Can you say a buck fifty plus...


Here is Mike's new Harley  The major components were shipped to Mike where he assembled this awesome bike.  I think he likes red & white.  :-)

todds28.jpg (340057 bytes)

Todd Kelson's 28' Daytona LP.  

Todd's cat sports a Billet/Whipple supercharged 502 with 1000CFM throttle body and lightning headers.  This "family boat" takes many people by surprise.  

Todd also has a Billet XR Bravo conversion drive.  Very Clean Ride!

side2.jpg (61309 bytes)

tow_leonick.JPG (122475 bytes)

Robert Leonik's 36' Spectre sports Whippled 502HP motors.    Robert is running 1.25 ration Billet Bravo XR conversion drives with all of the goodies. (steel towers, billet water cooled caps, etc.).  This boat has clipped 130MPH and still has prop potential!

Check out the new tow rig!   He's running 22" semi wheels with 10 lug adapters.....Very Trick!

eng.jpg (53037 bytes)

The twin HP500 Whipple motors tuck nicely in the gull wing hatches.

eng2.jpg (65609 bytes)

A closer look at these EFI 700+HP beasts!

whip540_2.jpg (224708 bytes)

Here is one of a pair of whippled, aluminum head, single dominator, 540s.  These motors dyno'd at 830HP on pump gas at 4 pounds of boost.  Warning...they are lurking in a 32' Magic sleeper!

540scw2.jpg (74901 bytes)

clean_room.JPG (61089 bytes)

Here's Curtis between the pair right after the dyno session.  Rumor has it there may be a third motor in the future for a triple 540 cat!


A dry sump, all aluminum 500 inch pro-stock motor getting assembled!  Trick stuff!

p1010014.jpg (104699 bytes)

p1010004.jpg (102129 bytes)

Billet Marine started building custom Harleys over the winter.  Here are two of the first five.  

The blue bike has a black and chrome RevTech 100 inch motor with all Billet accessories.  The Silver bike is all satin and chrome with the same Billet parts less gauges, speedo, turn signals, etc.  Drag Style!  Both bikes are scary fast!

spectre.jpg (23676 bytes)

todd_w_boat.jpg (25700 bytes)

todd_w_whipple.jpg (31440 bytes)

Tad Ulrich's 30" Spectre.   Twin, blown 502s move this boat to well over 120MPH!


Todd Waaraama and family at lake Powel.



Todd Waaramaa's Eliminator.  This 454EFI Whippled, Eagle sports a Billet Bravo drive and many "subtle" mods.

scottm_boat.jpg (26582 bytes)

Scott Martinson's 2001 28' Sleekcraft.  This boat started with a Billet 650HP aluminum head 540CI motor!  Very nice!

540_2.jpg (42071 bytes)

Here's a picture of Scott's 540.  This is the standard, aluminum head model.  630-650HP depending on cam/boat combination.

540_3.jpg (47757 bytes)

scottm_540_3.jpg (148514 bytes)

Another view! 2000/2001

  UPDATE!  This motor is back in the shop now for another carb, inter-cooler and a TBS 8:71 supercharger! 2002


Here it is!  Scott's 540 with a few new mods.  This thing made 938HP on pump gas, on the dyno!   Scott's in for a fun summer.  Of course a Billet Bravo 1.36 race drive with 1" shorter lower was in order...

bike_2.jpg (41259 bytes)

Here's one of the bike's (Titan parts) that Billet is starting to assemble.  In all my spare time of course.  :-)

Notice the upside down billet front forks, triple trees, wheels, grips, etc.  

You have to have something to ride on land!  :-)

billet2.jpg (63612 bytes)

Billet Marine at the October 2000, AHBA Regatta in Lake Havasu.  Working hard as usual.  :-)

start6.jpg (67888 bytes)

The start of the AHBA Poker Run.  This was the 80MPH+ group.  Billet's 257 Carrera is right in the middle of the action!

01.jpg (77256 bytes)

Lake Havasu, Memorial 2000  At the sand bar, up river.

10.jpg (38716 bytes)

Tex Taylor's Factory III race boat out for a spin on Memorial Day.  Sponsored by Billet Marine! 

boat3.jpg (86206 bytes)

2much.jpg (47492 bytes)

Mike Nelson of Ohio.  Mike's 25' Eliminator Daytona is capable of over 120MPH.  

Mike also has a 33' Daytona that runs a pair of blown 572s and #6 dry sumps. (pictured above)

boat engine1.jpg (73861 bytes)

Mike's stroked, blown, 572CI big block Chevy delivers well over 900HP.

boat engine2.jpg (61374 bytes)

Mike is running a Billet Bravo drive complete with Steel Tower Insert, Modified Gears, Torsional Billet Shafts, Water Cooled Billet Top Cap, Shortened Lower Unit, and Billet Prop Shaft Carrier.     This drive routinely runs 122MPH.  (notice the Billet Top Cap on the drive)

Tim Hammer's 33 Daytona in action at Parker Arizona. This boat has two blown Billet 540's that run 1040HP on pump gas and on only 9lbs boost.  (seen below)

hammers33.jpg (21505 bytes)

540s_shop2.JPG (81528 bytes)

Tim also runs Billet Bravo Drives with steel insert housings, custom gears, custom shafts, upgraded bearings and water cooled Billet Top Caps with custom water lines.        CHECK IT OUT!           

Boat graphics by Curtis' wife, Margie!


powellgroup.jpg (37407 bytes)

 Lake Powell cove 1999.   Combined these four cats have over 3400 horsepower!  Billet engines and drives of course!

timssleek.jpg (39120 bytes)

28' closed bow Sleekcraft.  This sleeper sports a Billet Blown aluminum head 540CI Chevy.  This is probably one of the fastest Sleekcrafts ever.

pauls_elim.jpg (35099 bytes)

Paul & Terrie Keaveney's 25 Eliminator Daytona with a  Billet Blown 461Chevy.  This mild 700+ horsepower engine and a lowered drive combination easily sees triple digits.

Pancho Mabante's 25 Daytona.........motor coming......

shaynes_eagle.jpg (34565 bytes)

Shayne Williams 25 eagle.  Aluminum head 500HP 502.

Curtis and wife Margie testing Keaveney's Daytona on Parker.........who said working always sucks!!!

racepic2.jpg (31817 bytes)

Tex Taylor's 33 Eliminator Daytona, Twin HP500s with Billet Bravo drives.  Tex has consistently placed in the 2000 season and has had NO DRIVE FAILURES!

 tims_jeep.jpg (40663 bytes)

 When it's too cold for the water......which isn't very often, we head for the sand dunes!        Tim Hammer's blown Jeep CJ5 with a Chevy 406CI, 513HP @ 5 LBS.

 p1010003.jpg (91582 bytes)

Two Billet Bravo drives.  These are orange powder coated with polished -1" lowers.  They are on Ralph Delanrty's 34" Magic.  It sports whipple charged 540's.   One very fast V!   There are a pair of purple powder coated/polished drives on a 35' flame out there too...

 brody_jump.jpg (22652 bytes)

 Brody Wood (age 7) jumping off rock at Lake Powel.

 carrera2.jpg (29741 bytes)

Fourth of July Lake Powell trip, 1999.   Racing home before a NASTY storm rolled in.  PS We didn't make it!

 sandbar.jpg (30456 bytes)

 A few "Billet" Hot Boats at the Lake Havasu Sandbar, Labor Day 1999.

 coppercanyon.jpg (21454 bytes)

 Curtis and Margie at Copper Canyon. (back when Copper Canyon still was!)

 londonbrdg.jpg (27898 bytes)

More "Billet" boats at Havasu's London bridge.   Left boat, Billy DeLong's 31 American Offshore(2 blown 535s). Center boat, Pancho Mabante's 25' Daytona.  Right boat, Tim Hammer's 33 Daytona  (picture taken from the bow of my Carrera 257 Party FX)


More to come....